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About the Job:
Our Business Analyst plays an important role as the “glue” in our project team. As our primary in-house client advocate, the Business Analyst works closely with the client stakeholders and SMEs to lead and facilitate discussions in order to understand the client’s needs and turn them into requirements. Once the requirements are captured, the Business Analyst will work closely with our engagement team (project manager, engagement manager, and technical lead) to help design and develop a technical solution to meet the client’s requirements. Throughout the life of the project, the Business Analyst’s primary responsibility is to represent the client and ensure all deliverables are in line with the project vision. This involves working with virtually every member of the project team, both internal and client facing, to facilitate communication, review the quality of deliverables, and train various team members on how to use the new system.

Is this job for you?
To be successful as a Business Analyst, you should be a self-driven and curious person with great attention to detail. Since the Business Analyst role is the “glue” for all projects, strong verbal and written communication skills are a priority as well as the ability to work with a vast array of project team members. More importantly, one must have an interest in creative problem solving, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn. Ultimately, working as a Business Analyst you will learn to to quickly breakdown and understand varying business processes, help to identify gaps or areas for improvement in those processes, and then work with our Senior Business Analyst to translate those into requirements via visual and written documentation. Because our clients span a wide range of industries and organizational styles, no two projects are exactly the same. Our Business Analysts should have the ability to follow our standard project processes and adjust those processes on the fly to meet the needs of the client or project. No experience required.


  • Assist Senior Business Analyst in working with the client to:
    • Assess, research, analyze and document sponsor/stakeholder needs.
    • Identify and analyze business problems and potential solutions.
    • Develop and maintain project documentation related to the business requirements (for example: requirements, use cases, wireframes, process flows, site maps, etc.)
    • Develop and maintain strong relationship with internal/external team members.
    • Identify issues in a project and escalate/manage resolution as required.
    • Coordinate and provide support to the business with the process implementation.
    • Train end-users and develop user documentation to help with user adoption.
  • Work with our internal project team to:
    • Represent the client in all aspects of a project.
    • Support the Project Manager in planning, development, stabilization, and deployment.
    • Support the Technical Lead in identifying potential solutions.
    • Identify and escalate gaps in the proposed solution to ensure we are meeting all client requirements.
    • Check-in with and support development team to answer any questions and help to clear roadblocks.
    • Perform quality assurance testing on all deliverables before releasing to the client.
    • Provide knowledge transfer and training as needed to assist with the transition to support team.
    • Audit and improve internal processes as needed.


  • Have the ability to plan, organize, and structure work.
  • Highly skilled in Excel, Word, PowerPoint (SharePoint experience is a plus)
  • Showcase good analytical and evaluative skills in tasks.
  • Showcase good written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Have good interpersonal skills.

Job Type:

  • Fulltime

Job Rate:

  • $40K – $50K (Rate will be determined based on experience)
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