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We offer a portfolio of services to our clients along with a team of seasoned professionals.

Business Automation

Every company has specific processes that are core to its business.  The complexity ranges from simple forms used for data entry to complicated processes supporting sales, supply chain, operations, human resources and information technology.  We provide digital solutions that significantly reduce cycle time, streamline processes and ultimately make life easier for your workforce while providing significant cost savings.

Digital Strategy

To keep pace with today’s digital economy, your business plan needs a digital strategy. We can help you create a strategy to transform your business into a digital company where technology fosters deeper interactions with your customers, affords more customized and personalized offerings and interactions, lends itself to more data-driven decision making, and develops organizational models and processes that proactively adapt to changes in your company’s environment.

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy has the fundamental goal of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive edge.   What used to be a matter of identifying needs and communicating benefits now requires an organization to build immersive experiences that engage consumers.  We can help you seamlessly integrate a whole new range of skills and capabilities to increase your brand awareness.

Employee Engagement

Most businesses struggle with how engaged their workforce is with their business. We understand this challenge and have designed solutions that are usable and viral within organizations, which, in turn, increase employee engagement. We develop easy-to-use solutions and intuitive interfaces that will make life easier for your workforce. We come up with creative and innovative ways to engage employees and develop the systems to do it. Innovative solutions to enhance an organization’s employee engagement and have the technological knowledge to engage in the effort.

Training/Knowledge Retention

Knowledge retention often refers to losing key employees and using techniques such as exit interviews to try to capture their knowledge. In reality, knowledge retention should be integrated into how the organization operates and should start well before a key employee is about to depart. Although it is considered crucial for long-term organizational success, few organizations have formal knowledge retention strategies. We can help you develop key training and knowledge retention technology.

Workplace of Tomorrow

Prepare for the digital workplace.  As the millennial generation makes up more of the workforce, are you ready for them?  Have you considered flexible work arrangements making it effortless to work from home, the road and the office when needed? In the digital economy, employees need access to their data at all times from any location, using any device in order to quickly respond to customers and handle daily operations.   We can define a strategy for meeting mobile needs and ways to reduce complexity and manage costs in transforming your infrastructure for the workplace of tomorrow.

Technology Roadmap

Does your business have a roadmap that aligns your technology with your strategic goals?  Have you matched your short- and long-term goals with the implementation of technology? Technology roadmaps provide critical information that enable organizations to make better and more accurate technological investments. We can help you implement a technology roadmap to keep your business current and help you engage with your customers.

Moving to the Cloud

The Cloud can transform a business. It provides increased efficiency and numerous options for improving business processes, applications and services with little overhead.  We can share the pros and cons of moving to the Cloud, provide best practices and develop and implement a plan to convert your business on the Cloud.

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