Business Analyst
Los Angeles, California

“People are SileoTech’s greatest asset and it shows. Clients and employees alike are treated with great care and attention.”

Sileo Technology Solutions is actively keeping up with technology trends to offer our clients the best available solution. In consulting, experience is essential, and the SileoTech team has plenty. It’s encouraging to be part of a team that is people-focused and determined to deliver the best service to our clients.

I love being part of a team where everyone has a different set of skills and talents, and all are willing to share, help, and coach one another. The atmosphere invites clients to ask questions to be part of the process, and therefore, be satisfied with our service. It’s a privilege to be part of a team that has this level of expertise years of experience.

I think it’s imperative to listen thoroughly to every client and understand where they’re coming from to address their issues and propose viable solutions. It is gratifying that we can help clients jump through at least one of the many hurdles that every business encounters.

I’m very fortunate to have a very loving family. On weekends, we love to have dinner together at home, talking about our week while the grill sizzles. We love watching movies on Netflix and going out for walks. I also appreciate some time for myself. During this time, I enjoy playing video games, listening to podcasts, and walking my dog, Coco. She’s spoiled, and I’m to blame for that.

During my sophomore year in my local junior college, I did an internship in Traffic Engineering for my local government, the City of Santa Ana. I worked on designing traffic plans for residential neighborhoods and managing changes to a couple of database projects. I was impressed by the results of changes to workflow and technological implementation to achieve greater efficiency, and through that, I discovered my passion for information and data systems.

I am currently a senior at California State Fullerton, studying Finance and Business Analytics. I really enjoy learning and hope to be a lifelong student in the future.