Senior Web Designer
Los Angeles, California

“I believe in our team. There is positive energy; continual learning of new technologies; design and implementation of best practices; and timely delivery of quality products.”

First and foremost, the team is amazing. I’ve worked with the managing partners, Greg and Huy, for several years. They are caring individuals who create lasting professional and personal relationships. I have also worked with most of the team members and am impressed with those who are new to me as well. They are exceptional people who care about quality and take pride in their work.

The working environment is synergistic and conducive for creativity. While the focus is on helping our customers achieve their end goal in a timely manner, the culture is less about bureaucracy and more about the employees’ general well-being. There are options for working remote, casual dress, and flexible hours.

I really enjoy implementing a user interface to make the experience visually appealing and easy to use.  It is like looking at a picture of a puzzle, then figuring out how to assemble it to make sure the desired result is achieved. Technology is always changing which gives me plenty of opportunities to learn.

Outside of work, I enjoy quilting, walking, going to museums, zoos, botanical gardens, taking snapshots of sunsets and nature, and spending time with family.

I have been in the Information Technology field for most of my career  — working for a large aerospace company for 13 years and IT consulting companies for 9 years. The consulting companies provide opportunities to brand company Intranets and Internets for well-known enterprise level brands, a fire department and a few cities.

I graduated from the University of California Irvine in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.