Many industry experts often think about leaving their corporate jobs to start something of their own, but it can be daunting to make the leap from a steady salary to no guaranteed paycheck. They may be unsure of when, where or how to start. For some, it’s so uncertain that they may never make the leap at all. The founders of Bayen Group faced these fears themselves 15 years ago, but made the leap successfully to become entrepreneurs.

Bayen Group offers a platform for those wanting to start their own business. The company provides the core businesses services, resources and processes, allowing the experts to focus on what they do best to develop and own their own business practice under the Bayen Group brand. Bayen Group wants to hear your business ideas and strategize on how they can help you make your dreams a reality.

Bayen Group is proud to have the following brands as their strategic partners, offering consulting, technology, and marketing solutions to their clients.


Eric Schrader
Sileo Technology Solutions

Eric Schrader is a Cloud Solutions Architect who co-founded Sileo Technology Solutions in 2016 with Greg Saliba and Huy Nguyen. Sileo Technology Solutions is a technology consulting firm that began from a desire to be flexible and agile by using the latest cloud and software technologies for clients, without being tied down to one particular solution or technology. Sileo uses these same solutions in their daily business to vet them and make sure they provide value. Then from experience, the Sileo team can be assured that these solutions will work for their clients. IT is a field that is always changing, so it is critical to stay on top of the latest best practices.

Eric has always been interested in the right way to solve a problem. When talking to someone, he puts himself in their shoes and gets to know who they are and the challenges they face. These two personal traits are the building blocks that motivate him to work with close friends and to help his clients, who also become good friends.

Outside of the office, Eric can be found dirt bike racing or off-roading with friends in the California desert, enjoying scuba diving adventures, or working on his house with friends who are experts in construction.

Tony Bever
Verve 8 Media

Tony Bever is a digital media creative director who founded Verve 8 Media in 2007. Verve 8 specializes in developing integrated marketing campaigns and creative solutions that stop and engage viewers. He learned a long time ago that if you can’t stop a viewer with an unexpected and creative message then they will quickly pass by.

Relationships are vital to Tony. He has been working with many of the same people for more than 20 years. Having relationships with reliable and trustworthy people makes business a pleasure and not work for him. Greg Saliba and Tony met at an agency nearly 20 years ago — Tony was the creative director and Greg was the technical director for an online marketing agency. Tony later started Verve 8, and worked with Greg again, continuing the relationship with the Bayen Group brand.

When Tony’s not clicking a mouse, you can find him in the sea or at the top of a mountain. He loves to cruise his boat to Catalina and the Channel Islands to go scuba diving and paddle boarding. He also loves snowboarding in Utah where they have some of the best snow on Earth. Tony also teaches graphic design part time at Cal State Long Beach, his alma mater, where he mentors new graphic designers.