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“Site that has improved engineering content delivery and consumption resulting in a 266% improvement in number of employees trained since the launch of the website.”

Adam Shepherd
   Program Director

About The Client
  • Organization
    Northrop Grumman Corporation – Aerospace Systems
  • Industry
    Aerospace & Defense

  • About
    Northrop Grumman is a global aerospace, defense and security company. The majority of our business is with the U.S. government, principally the Department of Defense and intelligence community. In addition, we deliver solutions to global and commercial customers.
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  • Integration with SAP and Siemen’s eLearning
  • Semaphore
Business Need

To meet the demands of newly awarded contracts, the company hired a large number of engineers who required training in a variety of proprietary tools and best practices for their new jobs. Unfortunately, the systems that had been in place for these processes were inadequate for the speed and scale required to fulfill the newly awarded contracts.

In addition to the challenges with the influx of new hires, a large percent of tenured engineers in the company were retiring. This translated to a continuous loss of tacit knowledge when they left the company.

The client required a centralized digital solution for all training and best practices that would facilitate independent learning and a seamless knowledge share between the retirees and the new hires.

The Problem

The client experienced prolonged delays in training new hires as they relied on an inefficient, time-consuming process riddled with logistical issues in scheduling, post-classroom knowledge retention and outdated information. Furthermore, they lost an abundance of experience and vast amounts of knowledge when senior engineers retired.

The Approach

Bayen Group’s process began with a client-focused assessment to define its goals and identify the challenges with the training processes. As a result, wireframes and graphical mock-ups outlined the site’s user experience and helped set expectations for the end product. This step was paramount in planning the best technological course of action and the manner in which the content would be organized, presented, accessed, and tracked.

The Solution 

Knowledge Management SystemWithin a few months, Bayen Group delivered a customized Knowledge Management System that featured easy to navigate, self-service training content built on SharePoint. This web tool integrated with the company’s existing Learning Management System and housed all eLearning, best practices, engineering process documentation and evolving standards.

Managers were granted access to a customized, user-friendly dashboard to expeditiously assign courses to new hires and track their progress with the ease of a few clicks. New hires were brought up to speed with a quick start guide and access to their own dashboard to view and complete assignments.

To further support both new and existing employees, the platform included a searchable knowledge base of FAQs and Best Practices resources that fostered independent learning. New hires were also provided direct access to company subject matter experts if they required additional information beyond what was readily available.

Customization of the platform was another desirable feature that allowed each participant to tailor their feeds with information relevant to their job. The platform serves as a central hub seamlessly integrating with several other Enterprise tools such as SAP and Siemens’ eLearning portal for NX related training materials. Additionally, Semaphore, a third party software was utilized to help manage the taxonomy, auto-tag content and improve SharePoint search.


The time and cost savings of the website’s ability to efficiently ramp up new employees has proven invaluable not only to the new hires, but to their managers. Currently employed engineers as well as those about to retire are also able to benefit the company by ensuring their knowledge and experience is passed down to the new and future ranks.

“Bayen Group has been critical to our team’s successful implementation of a tailored training solution for our engineering community. Their multi-disciplined team of project management/user experience/development personnel have deployed a site that has improved engineering content delivery and consumption resulting in a 266% improvement in number of employees trained since the launch of the website.”

Adam Shepherd
Program Director

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