Project Description

Bayen Group developed a web tool for the Northrop Grumman procurement, subcontracting and legal departments to request, create and store Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and other Collaborative Business Agreements (CBAs) with teaming partners.

Client Summary
  • A global aerospace and defense technology company with over 90,000 employees
  • The procurement, subcontracting and legal teams tasked with identifying, creating and managing legal documents with teaming partners
Business Need
  • Automate the process of identifying suppliers (subcontractors), negotiating with suppliers (procurement), and finalizing contracts (legal)
  • A web-based tool that streamlines the process of obtaining approvals for CBAs
    • Ability to support multi-tiered authorization based on complexity of the business agreement
  • A system that automates the creation of NDAs and other business agreements by allowing multiple businesses to provide data
    • Ability to pull data from multiple forms and auto-populate legal documents
  • A web repository to store, manage, and search agreement documents
  • Utilized SharePoint to develop a centralized platform for authorized employees with the capacity to automate the creation, approval, and management of NDAs and CBAs
    • Creation of legal documents:
      • The web tool automatically creates official NDAs using information from request forms
    • Automated approval process:
      • Dashboard which allows authorized employees the ability to see current, pending, and expired NDAs/CBAs and requests for approval
      • Capability to request new NDAs – boilerplate or custom – where authorized employees can input necessary data and assign an administrator for approval from team partner
      • Web tool which automatically sends requests for approval and notifies necessary parties
      • Support of multi-tiered authorization based on the selected business agreement
      • Automated alert when contract term is about to expire prompting re-initiation of NDA or CBA
    • Store and search functionality:
      • NDAs and CBAs are stored within the system for authorized employees to search via various filters including admin name, manager name, subject matter, etc.
      • Function available for auditing of NDAs and CBAs

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