Project Description

In order to keep up with the forever changing government contracts compliance requirements and expanding work staff, a big 3 defense contractor collaborated with us to implement a digital compliance system as part of their digital transformation movement to help streamline and increase process efficiency. The web platform allows Buyer Subcontracting Administrator and all employees access to critical information pertaining to compliance which broadens clarity and minimizes repetitive questions regarding contract terms and conditions.

Client Summary
  • A global aerospace and defense technology company with over 90,000 employees
  • The Compliance Team tasked with ensuring adherence to all legal agreements associated with current contracts
    • Responsible for $35 billion portfolio of contracts from all major branch of U.S government
  • A global workforce requires compliance team to manage domestic and international compliance
Business Need
  • An efficient and secure tool for submitting questions and concerns pertaining to procurement guidelines and terms and conditions for contracts within the company
  • A platform for compliance team members (Subject Matter Experts) to respond to questions and make information available as needed
    • Responses must have capacity to be permission-based grating access to information as needed within the company
  • Capacity for questions of a proprietary nature to be answered discreetly, accurately and securely
  • A digital web repository for frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Bridge the gap between process transformation and technology transformation
  • Utilized current investment in SharePoint as a centralized platform for all contract compliance questions and answers. As such, the system is available 24/7 and provides critical information and insights into a wide array of questions, inquiries, and advice on sensitive matters
  • Designed a home base for the Compliance Team to collaborate, deliberate and come to agreement on responses to compliance-based questions and concerns
    • Includes access to frequently asked questions, assigned questions, announcements, and a spotlight on hot topics
  • Includes several dashboards for various users including compliance team, compliance managers, and general employees:
    • Created a central hub for employees to
      • Submit questions to Compliance Subject Matter Experts
      • Search through wide repository of answers to ensure compliance to contracts and other legal agreements
      • Have access to compliance information at all times without the need to reach out to compliance team directly and wait for a response
    • Established a system for Compliance Managers to
      • Receive and review all submitted inquiries
      • Assign questions to appropriate compliance team members
    • Developed a streamlined system for Compliance Subject Matter Experts to
      • Respond to questions submitted by employees within the company pertaining to compliance matters bridging the gap between process transformation and technology
      • Have access to list of tasks to complete under “My Assignments” heading
  • Automated system notifications to alert compliance managers to new questions in need of assignment, SMEs of new assigned questions, and employees who submitted questions that their inquiries were answered via email
  • Provided a self-service repository with the introduction of propriety search logic to connect the user’s questions to existing answers
  • Built-in capacity to give feedback on questions, favorite relevant content, and share useful information with colleagues

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