Project Description

In an effort to maximize internal entrepreneurial spirit and foster employee ideation, Northrop Grumman solicited Bayen Group to develop an online tool that provides a forum for employees to pitch their ideas to management. Submissions that show potential are then provided additional resources and/or funding.

Client Summary
  • An American global aerospace and defense technology company with over 65,000 employees
Business Need
  • An online tool that encourages workplace innovation and collaboration
  • A user-friendly way for employees to pitch their ideas to upper management
  • A platform to recruit college students to create and propose original solutions
  • Build an intuitive SharePoint website for employees to submit their ideas to showcase their viability and potential success
  • Submissions are twofold:
    • Blue Sky idea: Employees submit their ideas by filling out a web-based form describing their product, the problem(s) it solves, the big idea, how it compares to similar products and their proposed statement of work
    • Challenge: Senior executives pose challenges requesting their teams try to solve a problem or devise a new product
  • If executives see the idea’s potential, the employee is invited to pitch to the VPs. If funded, the employee gets a piece of the patent
  • The website is self-sufficient and features a How-To page that explains the parameters of the submission process as well as an FAQ page
  • With each submission, employees receive a confirmation email with a tracking number notifying them that their idea was received
  • Key decision makers receive an email notification that an idea has been submitted
  • Employees are free to explore their colleagues’ Blue Sky ideas and Challenge submissions
  • A filter tool allows submissions to be viewed by sector, if they’re pending and if they have received funding
  • An administrator tab is organized by sector and allows admins to grant permission to employees and change data in the system
  • The website features a platform to solicit college students to submit original products and solutions

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