Project Description

Develop a web based supplier information form for prospective sub-contractors to register to become authorized. The form will aggregate applicable information about the sub-contractors’ organization, capabilities, experience, business class, registrations, special entities and certifications necessary to satisfy the client’s procurement requirements. All information to be retained in a central database where the client can easily search and identify subcontractors that they wish to engage to support contractual obligations.

Client Summary
  • A global aerospace and defense contractor with over 35,000 employees 
  • Small business team tasked with vetting thousands of sub-contractors in order to satisfy a multitude of contractual requirement
Business Need
  • Create a secure, user friendly, supplier information form  
  • Ensure submissions are relevant and qualified  
  • Information stored in database for easy access for client to search relevant submissions to find qualified matches
  • Conduct client interviews to ensure information requested reflects the content the client desires 
  • Develop a clean, easy to use Wizard interface that leads users through a series of well-defined steps aided by tool tips that offers additional information if the user requires more direction 
  • Intelligent form submission fields provide users with a fluid experience that varies by the user’s product/service offering.  This simplifies and streamlines the process for the sub-contractor form data-entry and ensures the system is not bogged down with irrelevant information
  • Technology: Custom web form using .NET Core along with HTML5/CSS styling and an SQL server database  
  • Link to Northrop Grumman Supplier Information Form:

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