Project Description

Bayen Group developed a web tool for the Northrop Grumman Global Supply Chain to receive quotes, perform price cost analyses, and aid in negotiations and supplier selections when creating new contracts with the capacity to streamline and ensure an unbiased vetting process across multiple departments.

Client Summary
  • A global aerospace and defense technology company with over 90,000 employees
  • Departments within the Global Supply Chain tasked with creating contract proposals
    • Supplier Management who receives quotes
    • Business Management who performs analyses on quotes
    • Procurement who handles negotiations and finalizations
Business Need
  • A comprehensive automated system that allows the Global Supply Chain to create proposals from start to finish
  • A tool to manage the process flow of documents and information pertaining to obtaining requests for quotes (RFQs), developing proposals, requesting pricing delivery information (PDIRs), receiving price cost analyses (PCARs) and negotiating contract quotes
  • A process that works seamlessly with three different departments so they are able to assess bids without bias
  • A data-capturing form system to retain information from all parties allowing for efficiency auditing
  • Support for classified and unclassified programs with a separate platform dependent on project type
  • A centralized platform to navigate the process from start to finish
  • Utilized SharePoint to develop a centralized dashboard for workers and users within the Global Supply Chain team with the capacity to streamline the process of developing contract proposals
  • System deploys to a secure network (i.e. SCIF environment) to support classified program requirement
  • System incorporates tools for all teams involved in contract development process including the following:
    • Proposal Analyst:
      • Built-in RFQ creation
      • Integrated PDIR form which sends automated requests to assigned buyers
    • Buyer/Subcontract Administrator:
      • After reaching out to suppliers for quotes, system determines if the quote exceeds the threshold as determined by the government
      • Buyer creates PCAR within the system, which automatically alerts and assigns task to Price Cost Analyst
    • Price Cost Analyst:
      • Once threshold is met, and Price Cost Analyst is assigned and notified, PCA runs a price cost analysis to determine the true value of the contract
      • Once analysis is complete, it’s sent within the system back to the buyer
      • Negotiation may occur at this stage before contract is finalized
  • SCIPs streamlines the complex process within one integrated system to simplify the tasks and automate approvals, assignments, and alerts
  • All forms capture data for auditing and accountability across all three departments to provide feedback on where improvements may be needed for increased efficiency

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