Project Description

Develop a centralized repository to store searchable knowledge-based documents that empowers employees to find relevant information they need to be efficient at providing Level 2 support.

This team is the key driver in implementing a digital business transformation along with ensuring success by utilizing a well-coordinated approach to supporting and empowering employees.

Client Summary
  • An aerospace and defense company with over 35,000 employees
  • Business Systems Integration team that oversees the Digital Enterprise Transformation Programs to remain relevant in a constantly evolving competitive landscape
Business Need
  • A centralized web-based platform that stores the company’s collective knowledge and accelerates independent learning
  • Retain and disseminate knowledge from retiring employees
  • Organization of content based on Enterprise tagging of System, Audience, Sector, Level of User, etc.
  • Develop a SharePoint platform that allows users to easily search for knowledge within 4 main categories:
    • FAQ
    • Learning Aids (manuals)
    • Process Flow (informational diagrams)
    • Tips and Tricks
  • Color code each category with its own unique icon so users can easily recognize what category they are in
  • Categorize using icons to inform user if the result’s information is specific to a particular sector
  • Position the results pages to display a short summary for each article to determine the relevancy of the return. Users can then click through to the details page for more information
  • Content organization based on enterprise tagging of system, audience, sector, level of users etc.
  • Permit details pages to be downloadable as a pdf
  • Implement a views counter so users can see how many times the document has been viewed
  • Allow users to provide feedback specific to the article in the system. Feedback button opens user’s email client with populated subject line and email body containing url to specific article in question
  • Share with a friend feature allows users to email articles to colleagues
  • Members can create and edit content. Visitors are limited to content searches
  • New articles can be easily posted, titled and tagged within the system

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