CASE STUDY: UNCOMN Intranet/Knowledge Management System

SharePoint Knowledge Management Website

About The Client
  • Organization
  • Industry
    Business-to-Business Management and Technology Consulting Services
  • About
    UNCOMN is a St. Louis-based company that provides industry-leading business-to-business management and technology consulting services for both the federal and commercial markets.

    • 200+ team members 
    • Clients throughout the US 
    • Experiencing rapid growth as they graduate from SBA small business 
  • SharePoint Online
  • Power Automate
  • Power Apps
  • Kronos

After successfully serving as a subcontractor on several large accounts, UNCOMN entrusted Bayen Group to design, develop, and implement a company-wide intranet. This platform serves as a central hub for information sharing, best practices, compliance, contracts, and facilitating company culture.

Business Need

UNCOMN requested an intranet that would bring together everything their employees would need to move through their day efficiently, fulfill their roles effectively, have access to independent learning and research, and stay up to date on company vision, goals, and events.

  • This new platform would serve as the information and knowledge sharing system that will scale as the company continues to grow, follow each employee’s lifecycle, and bridge the geography of multiple campuses and remote team members.
    • Platform for process automation, enterprise tools, and knowledge management
    • Expanded company-wide branding represented throughout intranet
    • Enhanced user experience/UX with intuitive, user-friendly platform following 3-click rule
The Approach

Over the course of 3.5 months, Bayen Group collaborated with UNCOMN to understand their challenges, develop a plan, create the platform, and implement it.

This started by remotely interviewing approximately 60 employees, department heads, and leaders to learn the culture of the company. They collaborated to determine needs, develop layouts, and generate content. Bayen Group created wireframes and mock-ups to present to the client for approval. Once approved, the site templates were created and skeleton pages for all key departments, service and the executives were created.

Next, Bayen Group spent two days on-site working directly with the team to review each aspect of the proposed templates and make changes where necessary. They performed a content gap-analysis for each department and mapped out a 2-week timeline to complete the required content updates. Bayen Group’s team partnered with the client’s IT and HR departments to integrate existing systems including Kronos for Human Resources and a as well as their custom Data Lake.

The Solution 

A user-intuitive, SharePoint Online-based intranet platform to house all pertinent company information and offer employees a place to connect with teammates across campuses, in-person and remote, and seek out support.

  • Culture-Centered Homepage
    • Includes quick links, latest social media posts, how-tos, and company news
    • Helps employees stay in the know about company related updates and promote a culture of inclusion
  • Departmental Pages
    • Provides an on-demand page for employees to receive services
    • Allows direct access to department members to find necessary information
    • Displays department-specific events calendar and quicklinks
    • Permits team members to understand departmental roles and acts as a repository for vital information
  • Community of Practice Pages
    • Provides job-specific training, access to peers, information on compliance, certifications, and project life cycles
    • Includes frequently asked questions and answers or links to relevant information
    • Encourages employees to ask questions, collaborate, and view and understand their career roadmap
  • Leadership Pages (Management Corner)
    • A feature that enables executives to provide insight into the company’s values, goals, and vision
      • Can include Twitter-style content, videos, articles, infographics, and other information
      • Connects employees with supervisors and leaders cultivating a culture of transparency and building relationships
      • Aligns roles with company strategy, showing employees how they are contributing to collective vision and goals
  • People Search
    • Serves as a directory providing employees with a tool to find anyone in the company
      • Displays contact information, supervisors, roles, backgrounds/skills, and a personalized “about me” section
      • Facilitates employee relationships within company by providing unique information allowing team members the opportunity to connect and get to know each other
        • Finding employees with similar paths, goals, and disciplines to connect and collaborate with
      • Resource management for awarded contracts
        • Tool for staffing projects (specialists)
        • See if and where they’re lacking talent
  • User Analytics
    • Provides insight on usage to increase quality and usability of the system
  • Complete integration with Microsoft 365 collaborative tools:
    • Yammer
    • Power Automate
    • Stream
    • SharePoint Online
    • Power Apps
    • Power BI
    • Teams

This tool is the central nervous system of UNCOMN. It is where employees start their day, connect with their teams, and return to through their tasks for information and assistance. It connects hundreds of people across several campuses and creates a single functioning body of team members working toward common goals. UNCOMN’s goal was to make sure that each of their employees could work independently and interdependently, knowing how to perform their roles and how to reach out when they need to. This platform serves as a tool to achieve that goal. It also helps to inspire employees by showing them how they fit into the greater vision of the company and by providing them with a map and a path to the next level in their career.

“The team at Bayen Group is one of the most professional organizations I have personally worked with that delivers exceptional results. As UNCOMN expands we saw the need for a comprehensive knowledge management system to enhance our growth and transform our organization into a knowledge culture. The Bayen Group provided us with more than just a static intranet — they are helping us on our knowledge journey by becoming an integral partner with us. After visiting our campus in St. Louis to learn as much as they could about our company culture and each department’s needs, they are now part of the UNCOMN family creating a high-quality, efficient, and user-friendly platform. Their clear and consistent integration and communication as well as their passion for creating state-of-the-art and functional tools makes them excellent partners. We look forward to continuing our journey together ”

Bill Howard
Chief People Officer, UNCOMN

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