Time Is Running Out.
Are You Prepared?

On November 1st, Microsoft will  PHASE OUT SharePoint 2010 Workflows on SharePoint Online.

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Potential LOOMING problem coming.

  • There’s a looming problem on the horizon that must be addressed by Nov 1st and the clock is ticking
  • If you’re on SharePoint Online and are using workflows, they will stop working without any forewarning
  • Industry has done a poor job communicating and explaining this

How do you know if you’ll be affected?

  • If you’re on SharePoint Online, or have migrated from SharePoint 2010/2013 to SharePoint Online and have workflows, you will be affected
  • If you’re using:
    • Any out of the box list template work flows such as three state workflow or disposition work flow those are likely using 2010 Workflow Engine and will cease to run
    • Any custom workflows that may have been built using SharePoint designer will be terminated as well
    • Have workflows but are unsure? Double-check
  • However, if you’re on SharePoint on Premise, you’re safe and won’t be affected

Why is this happening?

  • Microsoft is retiring a very old product called the SharePoint 2010 Workflow Engine
  • They deprecate old features throughout the year and often, they aren’t well publicized and sometimes they can greatly affect us
  • They have a new and improved product within the Microsoft 365 platform called Power Automate Flows

What comes next?

  • If you are using Power Automate Flows, then you’re safe come Nov 1st
  • If unsure or you have workflows in place, you’ve got to migrate them to Power Automate Flows by Nov 1st to avoid any disruption in your workflows executing
  • You’ll need to quickly determine how this will affect your business
  • There are some tools out there, but they can be burdensome and aren’t 100% effective
  • You’ve got to plan to move to Power Automate Flows now

Navigating this process can be worrisome. We are here to help! Contact us at
424-271-9384 or email mfurman@bayengroup.com for a FREE assessment to determine the best course of action for the migration of legacy workflows.

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safeguarding our clients in aerospace, construction, public utilities
and transportation sectors for the upcoming change.