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Bayen Group is embracing the endless possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a critical piece of Digital Transformation. Leveraging AI within the M365 and the Power Platform reshapes how we automate business processes, gain insight through data analysis, and engage with employees. Our team of SharePoint and M365 Power Platform experts are providing integration, training and solutions that help our clients adapt to technology more quickly.

Leveraging Microsoft’s Copilot, we enable our clients to utilize AI to its greatest potential, from augmenting employee experience to improving business processes. We provide our clients with quality, user-friendly, secure solutions that now incorporate Copilot that boost efficiency and inspire meaningful work.

AI First Accelerator

We provide a comprehensive AI First Accelerator process that helps organizations new to AI get up to speed. It guides your team through identifying challenges, exploring available platforms, and devising a coherent strategy to implement successful AI solutions.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Enhance your business by adding powerful AI chatbots that help you find the information you’re looking for across your entire M365 tenant. This allows users to get accurate information quickly at any time without relying on your team to respond to questions on any SharePoint platform or custom application. The chatbots do the work for you respecting M365 tenant permissions and surfacing the information that normally is hidden deep within search results.

Self-Service Knowledge Base Systems

Bayen Group’s custom Knowledge Base Platforms are transformed and enhanced with Microsoft Copilot. Incorporating AI into these systems allows users to search for specific content, identify gaps in your knowledge base, and provide clarity on your business processes.

Work Smarter | Artificial Intelligence

Enhanced Analytics and Insights

Integrating AI with your Power BI-enabled platforms allows your team to get instant feedback and insights into data. Organizing and analyzing limitless datapoints at lightning speed empowers you to make informed decisions, develop new processes to increase efficiency, identify hidden trends, and capture problematic anomalies.

Microsoft AI | Use Cases

Copilot for Sales

The integration of Copilot for Sales revolutionizes customer interactions and data management. By leveraging advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to analyze meeting transcripts, this tool efficiently synthesizes key points and generates concise summaries directly in Outlook. This automation not only streamlines the workflow but also ensures consistency in the information captured across all team members. The ability to concentrate on the customer without the distraction of notetaking enhances the quality of meetings, fostering better relationships and understanding of customer needs. The prompt sharing of accurate and actionable insights with colleagues facilitates a more agile and responsive business environment, resulting in reduced meeting preparation time and improved sales metrics. Ultimately, this technological adoption leads to happier customers and a more dynamic, effective sales process.

Azure AI Document Intelligence

This development allows for a more efficient solution to better utilize the diverse data types companies collect. To achieve this, we’ve integrated with Microsoft Azure AI services, particularly Azure AI Document Intelligence, to extract detailed information from images and overwritten text. The process involves receiving documents via Microsoft Outlook, using Power Automate for file handling, and Azure Data Factory for document preprocessing. The final output is formatted into XML or CSV files depending on the need. Additionally, Power Automate tracks document processing times in SharePoint. This comprehensive approach streamlines data handling and enhances the accessibility of information across organizations.



Northrop Grumman
“Bayen Group has helped to advance national security solutions and achieve mission success. Northrop Grumman’s supplier partners connect and protect the warfighter, defining what is possible in the battlespace because of our shared commitment to the highest industry standards across the defense industrial base.”

Matt Bromberg
Corporate Vice President, Global Operations Northrop Grumman

1898 & Company

“Our experience with The Bayen Group has been nothing less than exceptional. Their thoughtful and structured approach results in success in project execution and client satisfaction. The Bayen Group is versatile and can independently handle client interaction or participate under the leadership of our team. They represent our organization with technical business acumen and professionalism. Their ability to navigate scoping and solutioning is a cut above and results in projects executing on scope and budget.”

Jonathan R. Leffert, PE
Managing Director

“The team at Bayen Group is one of the most professional organizations I have personally worked with that delivers exceptional results. As UNCOMN expands we saw the need for a comprehensive knowledge management system to enhance our growth and transform our organization into a knowledge culture. The Bayen Group provided us with more than just a static intranet — they are helping us on our knowledge journey by becoming an integral partner with us. After visiting our campus in St. Louis to learn as much as they could about our company culture and each department’s needs, they are now part of the UNCOMN family creating a high-quality, efficient, and user-friendly platform. Their clear and consistent integration and communication as well as their passion for creating state-of-the-art and functional tools makes them excellent partners. We look forward to continuing our journey together.”

Bill Howard
Chief People Officer, UNCOMN

Discovery Children's Museum

“Bayen Group has been an invaluable partner. It is wonderful to work with individuals that are so knowledgeable but more importantly are so caring. Their donation of services during the pandemic is so generous and kind that I am beyond words.”

Jodi Gutstein
Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Northrop Grumman
“The Bayen Group has supported us for many years, and they’ve been great partners. Extremely reliable, operate with integrity and are so easy to work with. I love how friendly and fun they are to work with while still being professionals. I would recommend the Bayen Group team to anyone and everyone.”

Vicky Harper-Hall
Sector Manager, Socio-Economic Business Programs and Government Relations

Kirvin Doak Communications

“The team at Bayen Group has been a trusted partner over the last decade, providing strategic guidance on digital development and troubleshooting for several website projects. Their clear process and dependable local team produces high-quality output that achieves desired outcomes. In addition, they really go above and beyond to deliver solutions that work.”

Lynn Wetzel
Marketing Account Director

1898 & Company
“Bayen Group has helped drive our success!  As a team we quickly implemented a modern SharePoint system that allowed a large department to combine disparate datasets, automate workflows, visualization and reporting to help manage a complex multimillion dollar workload.  The system that the Bayen Group developed is very intuitive which has allowed our user base to grow to hundreds without extraneous effort.  In general the team is dependable, professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Eli Laine
Senior Consultant

Northrop Grumman
“Bayen Group has been critical to our team’s successful implementation of a tailored training solution for our engineering community. Their multi-disciplined team of project management/user experience/development personnel have deployed a site that has improved engineering content delivery and consumption that has seen widespread use within our organization. The team of consummate professionals that Bayen Group has provided  has become a valuable extension of our internal team. They have augmented our team with a wide array of skillsets that we would be hard-pressed to staff individually, which enables us to meet team goals and execute on vision that becomes realized and tangible due to the Bayen Group team.”

Adam Shepherd
Program Director

“Working with Bayen Group was as much a pleasure as it was a great learning opportunity. Karen, Rick and Huy are full of knowledge and a wonderful resource to have available to us. The Bayen Group team was always super helpful, and you could hear the smile on their face when we were having to meet virtually instead of in person. They were always accommodating, and we never felt forgotten or ignored. Plus, always quick to respond and provide answers to our questions, issues and concerns. We are appreciative to the entire team and believe they are a great asset to work with.”

Martha Rangel
Director Marketing

“Before Bayen Group improved our SharePoint interface, not a lot of our employees had used our intranet. Now, it’s the go-to place and workspace of choice. Bayen Group makes me feel like my needs are important and they do not push misaligned suggestions. They are always responsive, effective, and respectful of my needs and time. Bayen Group is a pleasure to work with, and I wholeheartedly recommend them for any website project. Their enthusiasm is infectious and they are huggers!”

Tunary Chap
Director of Business Development

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