Project Description

Bayen Group was contracted to provide a custom SharePoint application tailored to the client’s specific, government-based needs. We designed, built, and continue to sustain the Procurement Lifecycle Management System which serves as a central hub for the client’s Supply Chain division and contains everything necessary for each stage of the procurement process.

Client Summary

Northrop Grumman is a global aerospace, defense and security company. The majority of their business is with the U.S. government, principally the Department of Defense and intelligence community. In addition, they deliver solutions to global and commercial customers. 

  • 90,000 employees and an annual revenue in excess of $30 billion 
Business Need

In order to maintain compliance with Federal regulations, Northrop Grumman required a new Procurement Lifecycle Management System built on SharePoint Online and residing in the Government Community Cloud (GCC) High to house data related to their supply chain.  

For an organization as large and encompassing as Northrop Grumman, the Supply Chain division is vast and complex. Each stage must adhere to stringent security measures and meet elaborate compliance requirements. Due to its size and the scope of its projects, this particular organization had countless forms, processes, documentation, training modules, and compliance guidelines. 

This platform would serve as a knowledge base for all content, training, manuals, and forms for each stage of the procurement lifecycle including sourcing, solicitation, proposal evaluation, award, and collaboration and performance management. 


The Procurement Lifecycle Management System we developed for Northrop Grumman was designed to help Buyers and Subcontract Administrators (SCAs) understand procurement lifecycles. It serves as a centralized site to contain everything needed in the Supply Chain division. The platform demonstrates the process from solicitation to project management including necessary documentation and work instructions for each step. It also allows for the completion of training required for each stage in the procurement lifecycle and provides relevant manuals. Power Automate was leveraged to streamline the completion of necessary forms negating the need to input information repeatedly. 

Later updates to this solution included migration from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online. The branding was also updated to match the latest look and feel of the Supply Chain division. Lastly, all forms were modernized to utilize Power Automate allowing users to save critical time by automatically filling in previously recorded information. 

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